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March 20, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee – Summit Brand Protection is excited to announce our participation at the Ghost Orchid Coalition upcoming event on April 11, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee entitled “Music City: Bring Them Home”.  Our firm will be represented by Chief Operating Officer Andy Yu who will be a guest speaker at the event highlighting our partnership with the Ghost Orchid Coalition, a non-profit organization focused on rescuing victims of Human Trafficking.  This event will signal the commencement of Ghost Orchid Coalition efforts in Nashville, Tennessee, and feature the unveiling of an Intelligence Fusion Center.  This Center will focus on collaboration and become an effective tool for maximizing resources and building trusted relationships.  It will collect, analyze, target and report verified actionable intelligence to appropriate public and private stakeholders.  Summit Brand Protection, along with other partners, will develop this intelligence and work with the appropriate law enforcement authorities to rescue victims of Human Trafficking.

Despite the increased awareness and efforts to combat Human Trafficking, the number of those who end up as victims continue to rise each year in the United States. The National Human Trafficking Hotline reports receiving an increasing amount of calls, indicating there is still much work left to be done by law enforcement agencies and organizations such as Summit Brand Protection and Ghost Orchid Coalition. Todd Horton, the CEO of Summit Brand Protection said “We’re very excited to be part of this very important cause.  Rescuing victims from the grips of Human Trafficking and seeking justice against those who objectify them is one of the most admirable undertakings for our firm.  We are proud of Andy for taking a leadership role and thankful to be part of Ghost Orchid Coalition.”

The event, by invitation only, will be held at Giovanni’s Restaurant in Nashville on Thursday evening, April 11. For more information on the event, Ghost Orchid Coalition, or Human Trafficking, please visit

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