Job Title: Information Security Engineer (Entry to Pre-Intermediate)


  • Must have a Public Trust clearance, Secret clearance is preferable
  • Minimum 3-year experience with:
    • Security engineering using security incident and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Conduct vulnerability management audits
    • Conduct IT system event auditing
    • Conduct incident response
    • Mitigate malicious threats
  • BS/BA in Computer Science, Information Systems Engineering, Business, Physical Science or other technology related discipline.


Candidate will work on one or more of the following information technology related functions:

-Define, review and enforce information security policy, standards and guidelines for business operations and technology implementations.
-Pro-actively identify IT security risks from technical and functional perspectives.
-Conduct technical security assessments as part of the enterprise vulnerability and patch management program.
-Coordinate and conduct event collection, log management, event management compliance automation, and identity monitoring activities for the client enterprise.
-Analyze data collected by the event monitoring system(s), identifying results that dictate immediate corrective action, trends that drive prompt action and areas that require continued monitoring and/or further analysis.
-Maintain awareness of current security trends and threats, respond to reported incidents to conclusion, and provide awareness to system users.
-Coordinate IT security matters such as incident response, intrusion detection management, and customer security advisories.

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