Summit Brand Protection specializes in vetting individuals for sensitive and/or critical positions for both pre-employment as well as current service.  The firm has adopted best practices for vetting that include criteria set by the federal government and identified by the Federal Investigative Standards. These standards apply the benchmark for specific requirements when determining an individual’s eligibility or suitability for key/vital/sensitive positions. All Summit Brand Protection practices follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which provide guidelines on how businesses can use background checks to make hiring decisions. Summit Brand Protection also conducts discreet investigations involving internal corporate matters. Sometimes labeled as internal conspiracies, these situations can result in significant fiscal loss and productivity. Summit Brand Protection will serve as an independent entity to uncover the truth or misconduct and provide relevant facts so that management can make a fully informed decision as to how best to proceed.

Performing due diligence on entities involved in mergers or acquisitions is as equally important when determining risk. This can have a significant impact on employees, senior management, and retirement benefits. Partnering with the wrong entity has the potential to decrease profitability resulting in a decline in business value. Summit Brand Protection will perform a risk assessment to assist with measuring the scope of investigation necessary.

employee investigation services


Summit Brand Protection executives have been formally trained to discreetly perform thorough background investigations for suitability and security positions, which can be applied to the private sector.

Studies have shown that one-third of all applications contain falsehoods and that three out of ten businesses fail due to employee theft.  Subsequently, hiring a trusted, dependable, and experienced individual and applying a thorough screening process is vitally important.  Approximately 85% of all companies conduct some type of background screening on their employees. Most of these firms advertising employee screening services are set up to focus on batch hiring, which are primarily driven by quantity and speed vs. exhaustive and comprehensive screening.

Summit Brand Protection possess an extensive amount of real-world experience conducting such investigations and utilizes discretion and confidentiality for all parties involved in the vetting process.

What Makes Us Different

Summit Brand Protection focuses on providing our clients with a quality product at a competitive rate.  The firm provides specific, in-depth, comprehensive research and analysis for each circumstance.  Our investigative experience and products set Summit Brand Protection apart from the typical investigative and consulting company.  Summit Brand Protection executives will work with the client to determine specific needs and develop a personalized plan. A contractual agreement between Summit Brand Protection and the client will be concluded once the plan is agreed upon and a retainer fee applied, based on the forecasted effort.