Each year, corporations and individuals lose billions of dollars in revenue due to theft of copyrighted, trademarked and proprietary information. Businesses suffer losses due to unauthorized use or imitation of company logos on counterfeit products. Simply put, intellectual property infringement involves taking someone’s original work and copying or modifying it.  This can be perceived as corporate espionage, as trade secrets based on tested research and development are stolen or reverse engineered. It can also pose a threat to public safety through the manufacture of counterfeit, substandard products, resulting in the loss of brand confidence and liability claims. Conversely, trademarks can be a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. Both copyrights and trademarks provide the owner with the right to exclude others from using their work without permission and it’s important to know that they both can exist concurrently in some designs, symbols, shapes, sounds, or colors. In the online world, it’s important to understand the difference between copyright and trademark so you know what methods exist for protection.

Summit Brand Protection conducts Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) investigations, aiding with product verification and coordinating and working with the U.S. and foreign governments for criminal and civil enforcement. The principals assist in developing plans and processes for long-term IPR engagement with host government agencies. Using all available legal means, they assist in identifying and mitigating cyber-based IPR infringement. Summit Brand Protection continues to utilize established contacts and unique solutions to combat physical and cyber counterfeit products.

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