Andy Yu

Andy Yu, Chief Operating Officer

Andy Yu was a career federal law enforcement agent, having served 30 years as a U.S. Marshal, U.S. Customs Agent and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Supervisory Agent. Mr. Yu combines field experience and practical knowledge managing personnel, budgets, programs and offices around the world. Mr. Yu served numerous assignments overseas in U.S. Embassy offices responsible for Asia and Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa, maintaining extensive contacts within these regions. Mr. Yu was posted to the U.S. Southern Command in Miami, working with military and civilian leaders to develop strategic plans to safeguard the Homeland against threats to the U.S. from Central and South America and the Caribbean regions.

Mr. Yu has a diverse professional background dealing with migration, trade, finance and technology. Mr. Yu has proven experience implementing immigration policies and trade and compliance issues dealing with forced/child labor in overseas manufacturing. Mr. Yu also worked in the computer forensics program mitigating web-based threats. Mr. Yu was the first Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Attaché appointed to China, overseeing the merger of DHS component agencies in China. Working with foreign governments, Mr. Yu negotiated for and implemented supply chain security initiatives in China and the Immigration Advisory (IAP) program in France.

Mr. Yu successfully conducted the first joint investigation with Chinese Police resulting in the largest seizure of counterfeit pharmaceuticals impacting public health and safety. Mr. Yu also guided the Chinese Government and Banks to start the framework for a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Mr. Yu applies his experience, rule of law and technologies to develop new and innovative methods to mitigate emerging threats, which resulted in the protection of public health and safety, mitigation to revenue lost by companies and corporations and the protection of their brand name.