Veteran-owned investigations and consulting firm

Summit Brand Protection was formed by former law enforcement professionals from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Our teams’ unique investigative and analytical expertise provides access and insight into current U.S. government policies governing brand protection.

We focus on assessing and analyzing vulnerabilities, performing internal investigations, assisting in trade compliance, developing best practices for supply chain security, and implementing a steadfast import/export approach.  Our principles and associates offer a wide variety of law enforcement-related services that include providing expert testimony, interviewing, forensic auditing, training, assessments, and assisting with presentation and trial preparation.

These qualities, experiences, and talent separate Summit Brand Protection from its competitors.  We recognize the importance of maintaining a clean brand, free from adverse media attention for our clients.  Summit Brand Protection will always use discretion and not publicize any client brand or identifying information on any website or publication related to clients.

All our associates and partners possess an investigative or intelligence background specializing in risk mitigation, due diligence, supply chain security, and government compliance.  Our team will meet the operational and budgetary needs of our clients, provide scalable solutions, and leverage the latest technology and expertise to address your specific need.

The Summit Brand Protection Team

Summit Brand Protection is managed by prior federal law enforcement officers from Homeland Security Investigations and Customs and Border Protection, two of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies in the United States. Our executives and associates possess and maintain high-level security clearances, which enables Summit Brand Protection to provide services to clients involved in sensitive matters who require a level of discretion, security and/or clearance.

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Todd Horton was a senior manager at Homeland Security Investigations with 24 years of federal law enforcement experience as a Special Agent and eight years as an intelligence professional in the U.S. Army.  He has been professionally trained in conducting highly complex investigations, intelligence collection and covert surveillance.  Mr. Horton possesses a strong background in supply chain security, intellectual property theft, asset protection, cybercrime, and complex global law enforcement investigations, both in the political and business environments.  Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, Mr. Horton led the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to implement the Container Security Initiative (CSI) and Secure Freight Initiative (SFI), two of President Bush’s national security programs aimed at preventing terrorist use of ocean-going shipping containers to deliver weapons of mass destruction to the United States.  He negotiated multiple (19) bi-lateral international agreements throughout the globe involving various interagency security programs. Mr. Horton maintains extensive relationships with global law enforcement agencies, international organizations, Department of Defense, intelligence community and private organizations.  He is respected as a versatile, determined leader adept at forging strong relationships and promoting consensus among multi-level, multicultural groups.

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David “Paul” Gubler served as a senior field analyst for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for 24 years and eight years as an intelligence professional in the U.S. military (Army).  Mr. Gubler is an award-winning, innovative leader with diverse executive-level experience managing teams of civilians and military personnel.  Mr. Gubler has a track record for effectively leveraging technology and other resources to create innovative solutions and applications.  He has a strong history of pushing the envelope of current trends to enhance and support operations and implement innovative programs in a variety of law enforcement and private industry situations.  He can operate efficiently under tight timeframes and strict deadlines.  He has led teams and worked effectively across federal law enforcement, military, and intelligence communities at the international, national, state, and local levels.  Mr. Gubler served as the lead criminal analyst for a multi-national team based in Genoa, Italy for the Container Security Initiative (CSI).  Mr. Gubler maintained liaison with heads of Italian Law Enforcement agencies and coordinated examinations of suspect containers on behalf of the United States and the Italian government.   Mr. Gubler’s career has been highlighted by his application of innovative technology and cutting-edge law enforcement techniques to conduct complex criminal investigations.  He has been professionally trained in basic investigation, intelligence collection and interviewing techniques at the Federal Law Enforcement Academy at Glynco, Georgia.